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On November 25 & 28, 2018  Culinary Youth Team

Canada competed at the Expogast Villeroy Boch Culinary World Cup in Luxemburg. Click here to read more

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Junior Culinary Team is one of 24 junior national teams – among 2,000 chefs from more than 50 countries around the world – competing at the 25th IKA / Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart, Germany from February 14 – 19, 2020. Click to read more.

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Follow the team’s progress on facebook at @culinaryyouthteamcanada, Instagram @culinaryyouthteamcanada, and on their website @ youthteamcanada.com

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The Team's mandate started in June of 2017 after the Canadian Culinary Federations Annual Conference. The Culinary Institute of Canada was chosen to represent Canada, to build and train a team of young culinary professionals to compete internationally. The mandate will end in February 2020 after the IKA Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart Germany. 

In 2018 the team competed at Villeroy Boch Culinary World Cup which takes place every 4 years in Luxembourg. Youth Team Canada won silver medals in both the Restaurant des Nations  3 Course Menu as well as for the Contemporary Buffet. 

Our sight is now on IKA Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart Germany where

the team will have to compete in two events.

1. Prepare a 3 course meal from scratch in 5 hours for 65 covers for an a la carte service. Requested are an appetizer of fish or shellfish with over 50% of the plate being served hot. Main course of our choice and a dessert with different texture and temperature components.

2. Prepare a contemporary buffet for 12 people from scratch in 5 hours. Requested are 2 types of hot and 2 types of cold hors d'oeuvre for 12, followed by a fish buffet platter with 3 main pieces using different preparation techniques and appropriate garnish and sauce for each. Then the team serves a main course with rabbit as the obligatory protein  stipulated by the jury. Finally we finish with a 3 component dessert.  

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