Chelsea Delorme

Hometown: Morden, Manitoba


The Culinary Institute of Canada, Culinary Arts

Favorite Food:

My grandma’s homemade cottage cheese pierogis with farmers sausage

Who Inspired you:

My mom and my grandma’s

Why cooking?

This is something that has held my interest since a really young age. I grew up beside my mom in the kitchen and always helped her whenever she needed. As I grew up, it continued to be my passion and inspiration. 


Things I like to do when not cooking:

Enjoying the outdoors, long drives on my husband's motorcycle, sitting around the fire with good company.​

Being a member of Youth Team Canada:

Becoming a member of Youth Team Canada has given me the great honour of representing our beautiful country. Here I will be able to expand my palette and develop new skills and perfect old ones, and it will push me out of my comfort zone to try new things.