Korae Nottveit


Calgary, Alberta.


Culinary Education:

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Professional Cooking program


Why Cooking:

The moment I knew I wanted to pursue cooking happened when I spent a couple hours cooking for a group of my friends. After putting the food on the table, I didn’t even want to eat.  But then I saw everyone else enjoying it so much. That feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment showed me that this is the career I want.


Favorite food:

My mom’s dish of Italian sausage and peppers served on rice. I have it every birthday


Who inspired you:

My biggest inspiration in general is my dad, who has exemplified a strong work ethic, determination, initiative and diligence my whole life. In the kitchen, its Chef Michael Dekker, who pushed the competitive side of me and mentored me to where I am as a cook for the past year.


Things I like to do when I am not cooking:

I love playing sports, especially volleyball and football.  I like to read and play the piano


Being a member of Youth Team Canada:

I feel honoured and excited to be a part of this team. I get the privilege of being trained by amazing chefs and the chance to work with equally determined and talented cooks. I know there will be many difficult days ahead of me but I’m looking forward to the challenge.