Logan Rafuse

Hometown: Bridgewater, Nova Scotia


Culinary Education:

The Culinary Institute of Canada, Culinary Arts


Why Cooking:

A combined interest in artistic expression and cooking since an early age led me to dig deeper into professional cooking as a career and inspired what has grown to be a passionate part of my life ever since.


Favorite food:



Who inspired you:

Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White, Francis Mallmann


Things I like to do when I am not cooking:

Foraging for wild edibles, relaxing on a beach, enjoying a pint on a patio.


Being a member of Youth Team Canada:

Being a team member gave me the honour of representing the vast food culture of our beautiful nation with a team of passionate culinarians. It helped me to develop new skills and fine tune old ones, and it pushed me outside of my comfort zone to exceed expectations. Now, as a coach for Culinary Youth Team Canada, I am able to share my experience to prepare them for competition.