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The Games Have Begun!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

The Restaurant des Nations competition has come and gone. We have been so busy that we are just now catching our breath and taking the time to reflect.

The team won a silver medal for their three-course Restaurant des Nations menu. Feedback from the judges highlighted our strong performance in the kitchen. The team was sharp, clean and organized. We had some challenges with kitchen equipment: the electric burner was not as powerful as the propane burner we use back home; and the pressure cooker pot we used to braise our beef cheeks took longer to bring to temperature than we anticipated, so our cheeks were not as tender as we would have liked. We received valuable feedback that will help us prepare for the 2020 Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart.

Culinary Youth Team Canada certainly did Canada proud. During the competition, the team was asked by jury members if the team from Belgium could store some food items in our freezer as Belgium had some equipment issues as well. In typical Canadian fashion, the team did not hesitate and reorganized their small freezer to help the Belgium team.

We are very proud of this young team. They held their own during their very first international event. They looked, worked and performed at the same level as the top competitors in this event.

The team will present our Contemporary Buffet to the jury on Wednesday. Yesterday, we sourced our food and organized the equipment. Tomorrow around lunch time we will pack everything into the truck and make our way to the competition site for kitchen setup. The team is ready, and they're going for gold!

Thank you Canada, for your support and cheering on the side lines.

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