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The Journey Continues...

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

A long week has come to an end. The team has done very well, considering this was their first international competition. We earned two silver medals, one for each discipline, placed 8th out of 15 nations and came close to gold medal points for our restaurant des nations menu. This was an excellent learning opportunity. The team now fully understands what it takes to compete at this level.

We observed, watched, learned and took notes. Now it’s up to us to take all this information and turn it into a winning performance for the Stuttgart IKA Culinary Olympics in 2020. We will have a couple of opportunities to measure our progress with our participation in the US Invitational in August and the Nations Cup in Michigan.

Culinary Youth Team Canada would not exist without the support of our partners. They contributed funds, material, space and equipment. Because of their support we are able to focus on the big picture. I do need to single out our biggest supporter Holland College and The Culinary Institute of Canada for providing the team with a home base, a practice kitchen and financial assistance.

Currently the team is scattered all around Europe for some much-needed rest. We will reconvene in mid-January to start working on the food program for IKA 2020.

Thank you to:

Holland College

Culinary Institute of Canada

Canadian Culinary Federation



F Dick Knifes

Meyer Cookware

Kaempff Kohler Luxembourg

PEI Chef Association

Chef Hat Inc.

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