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The Kerrilynn McInnis Culinary Skills Lab provides dedicated training space for team

This month marks the end of two and a half years of hard work for members of Culinary Youth Team Canada, and the beginning of an exciting adventure as they pack their knives and head to Germany to represent our country in the IKA Culinary Olympics.The team is made up of nine graduates from culinary programs across Canada, many of whom had not met before they came to The Culinary Institute of Canada to begin the thousands of hours of practice needed to prepare for international competition.

The chefs train all day, every day, and needed a space separate from the culinary students. The Culinary Institute of Canada provided a very special space in which they could hone their abilities and create award-winning recipes, The Kerrilynn McInnis Culinary Skills Lab.

Kerrilynn, a graduate of The Culinary Institute of Canada, passed away at the age of 19 in 2016.

A plaque on the kitchen wall reads:

Culinary Arts graduate Kerrilynn McInnis was a kind soul who saw good in everyone she met. Known in part for her wonderful sense of humour and her “belly laugh”, her fun, charismatic ways will always be remembered by her instructors, classmates, family, and friends.

An animal enthusiast, Kerrilynn loved riding her precious horse, Lex, and walking her dog, Google. She was active in sports, enjoyed listening to music, and, of course, had a love of cooking. She was an independent thinker who formed her opinions based on her own experiences, a brilliant friend, and a loving daughter and sister.

In remembrance of Kerrilynn’s beautiful spirit, generous heart, and vibrant nature, The Kerrilynn McInnis Culinary Skills Lab has been lovingly named by her family and friends.

Nothing can compensate for the loss of a child, or a sister, or a friend. But knowing that young, talented chefs are training in a kitchen dedicated to the memory of Kerrilynn may, perhaps, provide those who loved her with some small comfort.

For more information or to request an interview with a team spokesperson, please contact:

Sara Underwood, Media and Communications Officer Email: sunderwood@hollandcollege.com

Tel: 902-566-9695

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